Sea freight



BORRA Group can offer weekly, complete door to door containerized services due to a good cooperation with major shipping lines operating all over the world (China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Europe, Africa, North & South America, Canada, etc.).

Whether there is an import, export or transit on trucks or railcars we will provide you the best cost-efficient solution.

Our specialized personnel will attend you on documentation issues, Customs related formalities, with stowage solutions and an efficient track & tracing system. Hence our clients can check the current position of their cargo at anytime.



In the shipping field BORRA Group is experienced and able of handling various types of cargoes, whether break bulk, bagged, equipment's, heavy lifts or rolling stocks and we can provide you with the following services:

  • - Internal and International project forwarding
  • - Storage and Warehousing
  • - Brokerage and Chartering
  • - Assistance to Chemical and Oil Tankers
  • - Quality / Quantity Control
  • - Loading and discharging operations on and from the transport means, consulting in Customs Operations and representation in front of Port Authorities (Customs, Port Operators, Harbor Master, etc.)
  • - All kinds of Marine Surveys: Ship / Tanker Survey, Damage Survey, Draft Survey, Survey of damages and supervision of repairs, Stowage Survey; Cargo pre-loading Survey, Collision Survey, Hold Cleanliness Survey
  • Chemical Analysis and Microbiology Testing on Commodities

We can link every major port all over the world with or without touching the Romanian territory.

We executed many shipments from Constanta Port to almost any destination worldwide including freight forwarding for Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf Zone and other sensible areas. We have around the clock supervision and we can trace the movements of all your cargo. We are specialized in project cargo movement and during our 10 years of activity we have covered a wide geographical range starting with Far East-China, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Gulf Zone - Iran, Iraq, Syria, CIS countries - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Africa- Libya, Europe - Belgium, Holland, Italy, USA.

Between 2002 - 2003 we have organized several shipments of oil and gas drilling rigs in Gulf area under the UN program Oil for Food and with this occasion we've established very good connections in this area in order to be able to complete some very complex multimodal shipments. Constanta - Aqaba, Um Qasr, Jebel Ali - by vessel and transshipment on trucks and low beds to final destination Al Basrah, Kirkuk.



Besides maritime carriage BORRA Group is able to supply transport services on Danube River on barges whether break bulk cargo, equipments, petroleum & chemical products.

Inner waterways transport is continually increasing in importance and Danube represents the backbone of river transportation in Europe which will be very well developed in the following years in order to provide an enlarged offer of logistic services. Although we were confronted with the poor situation of the Romanian Danube Ports several times, we have been able to finish our mission every time and made sure that our customers were pleased.